Monday, August 17, 2015

Changes Again...

Well these past few days have been pretty hectic because we randomly got a call that Elder Dalmer is going to be moving! It's super fast and we've only been together for about 4 weeks or so. He is going to be moving down to a place called Kending which is the furthest south of Taiwan that he could possibly go haha. That should be fun for him! I'm a little sad that we were only together for such a short time. He is a great missionary and I know that he'll have an awesome time wherever he is going! Things are going to be a little hectic for me these next few weeks. My trainer and good friend Elder Smith is going to be going home!! Nooooo! He was a great companion and a great trainer!! (Yes Elder Smith that's you!) So I've gotta say farewell to my mission Pops! And because he and his whole generation of missionaries are leaving a little early (for college) the new missionaries haven't come from the MTC yet so I will be without a companion for a while. So I'm going to stay with the zone leaders one night, and then I'll be serving with a native Taiwanese member for the next two weeks. That should be pretty fun!

Things have been going pretty well here in Nanzi. We are also meeting with a really cool guy named P... He is studying to become an engineer and he's working on his masters so he is really busy all the time. That being said, he is super awesome and has been super good about reading the scriptures and he even came to church for the first time last week! He has a tough situation though. There is a lot of religious contention within his family and he is really scared to join any churches because he doesn't want to get involved in all of that trouble. He says that he will do his part to find out whether or not the church is true and he says that he really wants to find an answer! He is a really awesome guy so if you could all pray for him that would be sweet!
We've also been meeting a lot with S... and he's still super cool. I love waking up in the mornings and working out with him. Right now I'm training to be able to do one handed push ups! That would be a pretty cool thing to be able to do. I've been pretty sore from the workouts lately haha. That means progress though! Besides that S... has been reading a lot more of the Book of Mormon. He has trouble with that because he is so busy studying for his board exams to become a trainer but he recently has been making time so I'm super happy about that!
We had a nice Zone Conference last Wednesday and that was really nice. We have been working a lot recently on how to help people resolve their problems and obstacles to baptism. It was pretty much an all day thing. It started early and was supposed to end at about 4, but it didn't until after 5, and then I had to stay for a District Leaders training meeting which lasted for another hour or so. We had to travel a little ways to the meeting, so we got back to our English class late which was at 7. It was a busy night trying to get everything set up for the English class. We have been teaching the little kid class for these past few weeks and it is BRUTAL! The kids never stop moving, or yelling, or screaming, or crying! They even stole all our candy last week! It's been fun though. It's been fun.
I love you all lots! Have a great week preparing for school again! The summers are never long enough haha. Love ya!
Gaoxiong West Zone

Sister Missionaries, S..., Elder Dalmer, Elder Stevens, Bishop, Ward Mission Leader

Zone Conference Training

Beautiful Rendition of "I'll Go Where You Want Me To Go"
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