Hot Days!!

Dear Everyone,

 It was another scorching hot week and we were outside biking for most of it. Elder Steele and I are getting some good tans! All the members are telling us to wear jackets outside so we don't get tan haha. What they don't understand is that if we wore them...we would die. 

  I got to go on companion exchanges with Elder Varvel this week. We were together in the MTC and he's a great guy. We had a fun time catching up on how each other's mission has been going so far. He's a really great Elder so we had a really fun time. 

  I also had the opportunity to do another baptismal interview with a guy named C... He is a 27 year old Chinese teacher from Hengchun and is one of Elder Grisenti's investigators. Since it takes about 3 hours to get down do Hengchun, we just decided to use skype to do the interview. C... is a really cool guy and very prepared. He had lots of really good experiences with seeing answers to his prayers and he has a very strong testimony. He is very excited for baptism. The small branch down in Hengchun is going to be very happy to have him because right now they only have 15 to 20 members and only 3 priesthood holders. Interviewing him was a good experience. 

  We had a good lesson with S... this week. He is super excited to follow the word of wisdom. He has no problem with it other than drinking and he wants to give that up quickly! It's going to be hard though. The whole next day he kept calling and texting us telling us how happy he was to learn about Heavenly Father and that he feels so good every time he reads, prays, or meets with us. He is so excited about learning with us, more excited than almost any of my other investigators in the past. He just needs will power to stop drinking!!  Please pray for him.

  We also had our last Zone Conference with President Blickenstaff. It was a good one about the importance of the Book of Mormon and about diligence and developing faith. Elder Steele and I gave the training on how to, like Jesus Christ, use the scriptures to overcome the concerns of those we teach. It was a good training.

  We have a training meeting with our zone tomorrow and Elder Steele and I are busily preparing our plan. It should be fun.

  Well I gotta go. I spent too much time sending you all those pictures haha. I love you all lots!!!


Elder Stevens

Xiao Liu Qiu Island

Random Train Station


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