Monday, August 25, 2014

The Half-Way Mark. 半路上标志

Hey how is everyone doing? i can hardly believe that an entire month has gone by and i am already more than half way done here! Time just flies by so quickly here and before I know it I will be in taiwan. We had a lot of new missionaries come into our zone last wednesday so my group isn't the youngest anymore. That means that we're actually supposed to be the experienced ones here lol. Idk if we are or not but we're coming along. It reminds me of when I first came to the mtc, I didn't know any chinese so even if other people were saying simple phrases like I'm happy or I want to sleep, I would have no idea what they were saying. Now when I just say easy stuff like that, the other elders are like, woah, you know so much chinese!  I wish, but i've certainly have come a long way. I'm actually really glad that I'm learning chinese as opposed to some other languages, cuz some elders were saying that for their language, when you read, you have to read like up and down, backwards and sideways to understand the meaning. I don't even remember the language that it was but I'm glad that I'm not learning it lol.  At least they actually have an alphabet.  I don't have that luxury. I feel pretty good though when I can write out something in Chinese characters lol. 
   Well this last week for the most part has been pretty much the same as any other week. I guess the most exciting thing was that our neighbors in our dorm (other members of our district) had a milk jug explode in their room as well! That two bottles in two weeks lol. It didn't spray spoiled milk all over their stuff like what happened with us, but since it happened while we were out in our classes, they didn't clean it up right away and it smelled up their whole room! For the past two days their room has smelled up the entire hallway whenever they leave their door open. It's pretty funny but it's kind of bad that they have to deal with that. Another funny thing that happens every night is that one of my roommates always talks in his sleep and last night he walked around the room. He usually yells things randomly in the night and then goes back to sleep. Last night I heard him talking in chinese and it sounded like he was teaching a lesson about enduring to the end hahaha. It was really funny cuz he like introduced himself, waited for a response and then started talking like he was having a back and forth conversation lol. Then he got up and tried to turn on his desk light (which luckily doesn't work cuz I didn't want him to turn on the lights). When it didn't turn on he just went back to bed. It was really funny. I'm going to have to start keeping a notebook by my bed so I can write down what he says cuz he literally yells stuff every night lol. 
  I've also had the opportunity to host the new missionaries when they're dropped off at the mtc. It's sad seeing them leaving their family and I know exactly how they feel. I love just meeting them and seeing where their going and stuff like that. It's weird to think that some of the people I hosted two weeks ago are going to be leaving tomorrow if they're going stateside. 
  That's crazy that Alexa is driving now!!! I know how she feels though, trying to learn to drive with dad in the car haha. He always got a little excited when I would drive too haha. Just don't wreck the malibu cuz that's a really nice car! I remember i was a little nervous to drive the first time but it's really nothing to worry about cuz it's easy. You'll be fine. 
  What is eric's address that I should mail letters to? I just want to make sure so that I don't send any to the wrong place. And you can send me whatever cookies you like. I'm fine with surprises. I know that anything you make will be good so I'll leave the decision in your capable hands mom. Well that's pretty much all I've got this week. I love you all and hope you have a great week. 

Best District In The MTC

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