Thursday, September 18, 2014

My New Call Is To...

Dear Family,
Well I found out where I'm going to be serving for the next 6 weeks. Anyone want to make some last minute guesses? Everyone brace themselves, I'm going to...............Salt Lake City, Utah! I was so right! I was almost 100% sure that I'd go there and I was right. Everyone says that Salt Lake is so cool so maybe there's something to it. I'm going to be leaving on Tuesday by train and I'll be taking a 40 minute ride. The only downside is that since I won't be waiting for a layover, I'm not sure if I'll be able to call or not....I'll work it out and see. If I am able to call, it'll prob be around 6 or so my time, maybe later. I'm in the Utah, Salt Lake City Mission, do you know anyone that I should see in that mission? Oh, I'll be in Salt Lake during general conference so maybe I'll be able to attend a session there. That would make it a little better lol. Well, I'll keep you updated on everything that's happening.
New Update:
Ya, hopefully I'll be able to go to the general conference. I'm not sure though. It's in my mission and I'm pretty sure that the Salt Lake Temple is in my district too so maybe I could go there too. Everyone got sent all over the place. My companion is going to southern California...he's soo lucky! We have some people going to Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and maybe some other places. I'm the only one in my zone going to Utah though lol, of course I would. Everyone's family lives in the mission I'm going to, so they all want me to visit their family and friends lol. That would be a good way to set up appointments lol. Everyone else is going to be able to call, but they're all flying so they'll have time during layovers and such. I think that I'm the only one not flying so I may be different and have to wait...Idk who I need to talk to but I really want to try to call. Hopefully I'll be able to call Eric too. I hope that we can all meet up and fly to Taiwan together but again, I have noooo idea lol. That would be really cool. Oh, and the group before us didn't get their visas either so they're already in their respective states for the temporary call. I really hope that I meet some Chinese people in Salt Lake City even though I don't know how well I'd be able to talk to them. I really want to though. My teacher might give me the names and numbers of some of her chinese friends who live where I'm going so maybe I could teach them. Anyway, some big changes are coming up.
Love, Andrew
Salt Lake City Temple

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