Rain And More Rain!

Well it's been an extremely raining week, and today marks the 7th day in a row that it has rained here in Donghai. And when it rains, it rains hard! There hasn't hardly been a break in the rain both day and night! It's starting to get a little old, but I guess that's how it is. I heard that Taiwan rained a lot, but up until now I didn't really know what they meant haha. I was riding from our house to the church for a lesson and within those 3 minutes of riding to the church, I was completely drenched and remained that way for the rest of the day. It was really weird teaching lessons with my clothes soaking wet and while wearing flip flops. I was just glad that only a couple of teaching lessons cancelled this week because of the rain. We were still able to teach lots of lessons, actually this week we had the most lessons of any other since I've been here.

Other than lessons, we had to do a lot of calling though because it wasn't really the best to go contacting on the streets. A lot of times we just had to sit and call any number that we could find in the apartment and we did that for hours. It's effective though. Actually more effective than contacting on the streets.

  Last pday we had some of Elder Moore's friends from Tainan come up and we spent about two hours trying to find the restaurant that he wanted to go to. And that's why you don't have white kids trying to use maps written in Chinese. We finally found it and had some fun.
  Yesterday we had a fun activity at the church and we had quite a few people come. N... even brought one of her friends from work and they both had a really good time. N... is really great about sharing the gospel with her friends and family, and is super solid when she helps us teach lessons. Our other investigators are doing very well. It still seems that anyone that we meet with only wants to meet because we are foreigners. We are meeting with a retired surgeon named Z.... He's a really great guy and a really good example of how a Christian should be. He loves reading the Book of Mormon and says he always has felt there is something different about it, he always feels really peaceful while reading it. I really hope that he can continue to learn and grow.
  Well, I'm sorry that this email is so short. I don't have any time because I was busy emailing to mom and dad haha. I love you guys and I hope that the rest of the school years goes by quickly!! Summer is almost here! Love you.

Rainy Days

Taichung, Taiwan Zone Conference



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