Monday, May 4, 2015

Packages From Home!

Changing up companions is always a different experience and sometimes takes a while to get adjusted to, but thankfully this week all went well. Elder Moore is a really fun guy that likes to make missionary work interesting. We, as usually went contacting pretty much all week, but he made it a lot of fun despite the rejection. It's nice to have companions like that. We saw a lot of miracles this week too! Tons of people that we don't even know called us and wanted to set up times to meet! I'm pretty sure they were people that we had called a long time ago but they had never set up or answered. Usually people will never call us back, let alone ask us when we have free time to meet! But it happened multiple times this week! Elder Moore can speak pretty good Taiwanese and I've seen that it is super effective for getting people to meet with you because they are just so amazed that an American can speak it. I've learned a little bit of Taiwanese, but only a little. It's really hard to make the sounds in Taiwanese so it's really hard to learn. I'll probably only learn a little bit just to say some simple phrases to impress people haha.

  I was really happy to learn last week that so many of my friends back in Tainan were baptized! Of course they had to wait for right when I had left!! I'm going to be honest, V... had opposition from everywhere trying to stop her from being baptized. Her family, work, and a few accidents. I was really happy to hear that she made the decision! I'm also pleased to say that N..., the lady who first met missionaries in Japan, is going to be baptized in 6 days! She is super awesome and is already excited to help us teach other people after she is baptized! Woah! 
  Well the visa problem has finally been solved! Yaaah! The new group of missionaries that came had a lot of missionaries that were coming straight from the MTC! It's a good thing too because after the next two move calls, a total of probably 70 or so missionaries will be going home! There's going to be no one left in the mission! I'd better learn characters quick so that I can text people when all the experienced missionaries leave. I've been in charge of texting people in my new area! It's a lot harder than texting in English that's for sure. It's not as bad as I at first thought though.
  I have some good news! I finally got Grandpa and Grandma's package in the mail this morning! And guess what....the food was all still good! Luckily you had individually wrapped all of the cookies so they were all still good. Not as good as if they were fresh, but still super good! Thanks so much G&G Stevens!! I haven't gotten any of the other mail or your package Mom and Dad, but hopefully it'll come soon.
  I'm really excited for pday today because we are going to play some soccer! I haven't played since the MTC! It's been way too long! Luckily the other Elders in the district are pretty good and some of their friends love to play too so finally I have a chance to play! It rained this morning though so it is extremely humid and muggy outside so...that's going to be interesting.
  I can't believe it's almost Mother's Day and we get to skype! I'm excited for then! I'm always really nervous when I try to set up all the stuff to skype because I'm always nervous that it won't work. We always use pretty sketchy stuff. We are using a members stuff and she said that some of the cords and stuff had been chewed by a rabbit. That's really random...hopefully it'll work though.
  Well thanks for listening! Summer is finally coming and it is getting super humid! Luckily I'm in Taichung, just about the most comfortable place you can be during summer. I hope I'll survive. Love you all lots!
Friend From Tainan, My Companion, and Me

City Lights, Taken From On Top Of Our Chapel

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