Monday, January 18, 2016

Weekly News...

Hey Everyone!! 

   This email should be a little better because this time my keyboard is working alright! We've had another action packed week! And by that I mean that we went tracting for most of the time again haha. It's pretty fun though. We've been seeing a little more success now. We have a system where we go find a person's house that used to meet with the missionaries a long time ago, and we visit with them. If they aren't there, we just tract all around that place. And if they are there, after we visit, we still tract all over the place there. It's what we have seen is the most effective strategy here. We still talk to the elderly people on the streets when we pass by, but it's just really hard to communicate with them. 

   Last week we found a guy that met with missionaries about 5 years ago, but doesn't really remember anything they talked about. He makes peanuts and the reason he said he stopped meeting was because he was too busy making peanuts every single day. I'm not really sure how much commitment he is willing to put into learning, but at least he said we could come back and talk with him again. Hopefully we can help him to feel something special about this message. 

  Our investigator I... still is cool. He travels a lot on business so he's been gone for the last week and will get back in a week or two. Currently he is the only person we are regularly meeting with. The rest of the time we are just finding! I think that the efforts with finding through the members of the ward is improving though. We are still trying to visit lots of struggling members and helping to bring them back. Those members can definitely feel the love. Two different members, two days in a row, invited us to visit a member named Brother Y... who hasn't come to church in a long time. He was very visibly sad about something when we walked in, but by the time we left, he looked so happy!

   Elder Cole and I are still having lots of fun though! I've been super lucky to have such great companions! We get along, we have fun, and most importantly we work hard!! It's really great to work with a companion that, despite the lack of success, is still willing to go out with you and go work. I'm really thankful for that. We are really enjoying our time here and are learning and growing a lot. I'm thankful for this time in Xihu!

  Last week we also had interviews with President Blickenstaff, and also with his wife. It was a lot of fun. I always enjoy listening to the advice and counsel that they have to share with us.

   I don't really know what else to say haha. It's pretty much just the same every week haha. But everything is going well! I still haven't received Alexa's package yet, but I'm still looking forward to it and all the birthday packages! I love you all! Have a great week!


Elder Stevens

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