Monday, January 11, 2016

Persistance Pays Off...

Hey Everyone。 

  First off, my keyboard is super dumb and I cant control what its typing。 I can either type like this or in chinese characters。 Ill just stick to this, but because its annoying to type and read, this email with probably be pretty short haha。 

  Things are going well here still。 Its been a little cooler and raining a lot more recently so thats been fun。 Most of the time this week was spent doing what?。。。。tracting。。。and riding all over the place looking for people to teach。 The whole week we got pretty much nothing done, and even our friend Ian couldnt meet, but then the last two days we had some break throughs。 We went tracting in the morning right after studies, but either no one wanted to talk or no one was awake so we found nobody。 But then after riding around to a place called Zhutang about an hour ride away, we came back and tried looking for a former investigator。 We wandered around trying to find his house, but we eventually just gave up cuz we couldnt find it。 Then we realized we were at the exact same street we tracted at in the morning。 So we decided to just tract the same houses again haha。 (Theres nothing else to do haha) and on the third house, a really cool guy named Johnny opened up and we talked for a while。 He just graduated college and is working nearby。 He said maybe we could come back next weekend and talk with him more。 I dont know if he will have interest or not, but it was the first time I have ever, in my whole entire misson, met a cool guy from tracting who gave us his number and said he might want to meet。 So I was really grateful for that。
  Last sunday night a member just called us randomly and wanted us to come visit some less active members with him。 That was super cool and we had some good lessons and met some new people。 For the whole time that Ive been here Ive constantly been telling the members that we want to go with them to visit less active members or other people they visit and now they are! The member said he wants to do that with us at least once a week now! And then tonight and tomorrow we are going with another member to visit two other families!! The ward is really getting a fire for helping the struggling members and its really cool。 They also seem to really like Elder Cole and I and are trying to get us more involved in their activities and stuff that theyre doing。 Its a relief to have good support like that! So Im hoping for some more success in the upcoming weeks。 If we dont find anyone to teach during the time Im here, at least we were able to help strengthen the relationship with the members and missionaries and help the ward feel more strongly about visiting other members!

  Things are going well!! I love you all lots!

Elder Stevens

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