Tracting And More Tracting...

Hello Everyone!!

 It's been another fun week in Xihu! This week was pretty fun and we did a lot of biking around! Our area has 8 different townships and we usually just spend time in the Xihu township because the others are pretty far away. But we've discovered that the people in the farther areas are more willing to talk with us so this whole week we went to several of them. We had to ride at least an hour or two through fields in order to get to them so that was fun! We got some good pictures. So pretty much the whole week was us just riding out to the other villages and just tracting over there and then coming back to tract in Xihu before making some calls and then coming home for the day. That's pretty much what we've done everyday haha. It's a little tiring, but we are hoping that eventually we'll be able to find somebody to teach. We actually found somebody through English Class named I... so we are meeting with him again.  Hopefully he will be pretty cool, he's been to church before so that's pretty nice.

  New Years was pretty fun over here. On the night of, lots of people got out in the streets with parades and fireworks and stuff. There were lots of people carrying alters and thrones with their deities sitting on them. And there were a lot of cars driving around with pole dancers on top of them...yeah it wasn't the best haha. So everyone was going nuts and it was hard to talk with anyone. We just with tracting and walking on the streets to talk with people, but everyone was too busy celebrating New Year so no one would talk with us. We just kept trying and then at 9 pm we went back home and just planned and then went to bed because we were so tired. Then at 12 am they shot off some more fireworks that woke us up for the next half hour and then we fell asleep again. So New Years wasn't a blast, but I'm glad it's over and done with so we can start more effectively finding people. In answer to your question, yes, they celebrate New Years on Jan 1st, and then they also celebrate Chinese New Years which is a week long and sometime in February.

  I still haven't gotten the package from Alexa, but hopefully it comes in the next few days! That's pretty much all I've got this week. Sorry it's so short haha. I love you all! Have a great week!


Elder Stevens

About 90 Percent Of Our Area Is Sugar Cane And Rice Fields


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