Monday, September 14, 2015

Working Hard!

 Hi Everyone,

 Last week was full of fun adventures.  Well, I guess there were a few fun ones. This past week we spent lots of time just going around and talking with anyone we met and also knocking doors. It was a pretty hot week, and we were super tired but we both felt really strongly that we were following the Spirit when we were trying to find people. Unfortunately, we didn't see any real success this week. Even after a full week of working hard, we got just one person's phone number. It was a little hard on my companion to be working super hard and still come up with nothing. We actually had one guy try to give us 20 cents to get us to go away hahaha. But Elder Grisenti is awesome and realized something critical. As long as we are doing our part, following the Spirit and working hard, we are successful missionaries and should not get discouraged. I actually thought it was kind of funny a guy trying to pay us to leave haha. And it was only 20 cents too haha. Also though, we met some other super cool people just from calling old records and so we may have some super sweet miracles happening this coming week!! So stay tuned.

  Last pday, we were planning on going somewhere fun, but it poured the whole day so we just pulled out the umbrellas and went for a stroll around Nanzi. There actually isn't a whole lot of cool stuff here besides factories, but we did find a nice scenic park that would be perfect for taking prom pictures! So since there was nothing else better to do, we took a few of our own pics haha. The pic on the bench with the umbrella looks pretty good I think.
  So I was hoping that I would be able to give my companion a chance to try some of the stinky tofu here, and we were in of our English Class students after class came up to us and gave us a ton! He said that because my companion is new, he needs to get used to the local foods! I'll give Elder Grisenti some credit, he ate some of the tofu without losing it, but he was only able to eat one piece before he had to quit haha. I think I'm becoming weird now, because I ate almost the whole thing!
  Another thing, yeah dad you were right, some of my friends from Tainan came down to eat dinner with us. We went to eat ate a steak place that was pretty good. They are super fun and were excited to meet my new companion.
  Other than that it's been just another week in the life of a Taiwan Taichung missionary. Which just happens to be the best mission on Earth!! I love you all lots! Thanks so much for the packages! Thanks so much Grandma Kaldahl! Last week I was actually just thinking of trying to find some protein powder because of all the intense workouts we've been doing with Schwartz recently. It was perfect! And the Japanese work clothes looks pretty good, not gonna lie! I also enjoyed looking at the family reunion book. I really like our family reunion song that Uncle Bob wrote. I was singing the whole time the rest of the day while we were tracking. Thanks so much! Love you all!

Japanese Work Clothes From My Brother Eric


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