Monday, September 7, 2015

Lots Of Fun!

Dear Everyone,

Week two of training has been a blast! It has been so much fun working with Elder Grisenti and having lots of new experiences together! Everything that we do, is a brand new adventure, and we have had plenty of them. One of the pictures that I sent is of us eating some mango bing, which is just a bunch of really fine, shaved ice, with sliced mangos, some mango sauce, and some little rubber balls (kind of like the boba stuff), It is super good!  It's one of my favorite desserts in Taiwan. Best of all,,, it's healthy for you! Kind of. So we went and ate that together. We actually ate bing twice this week, but the first place we went was a little different. It didn't have mangos, it just had a ton of random weird stuff that they put in the shaved ice. Most of the stuff did not belong in a dessert. haha. My companion had trouble finishing it. We've been having fun trying out all of the different foods here and it reminds me of when I tried them all for the first time. He actually really enjoys a lot of the good foods, but some of them will just have to grow on him haha. He has yet to try the stinky tofu or the 1000 year old egg, so that should be fun!

  We also did a lot of tracking this week which was fun. Most of the houses here just have a speaker box that we just talk into because most people don't come to the door. I don't really like that as much as talking face to face, but that's just how it is. There was one place though that had a ton of those boxes lined up on the wall (probably about 50 or so) and we just rang every one of them and talked with everyone in the complex. It was pretty fun!
   We met up with S... and reset his baptismal goal. He is taking the test for his training certification and he says that he want to be baptized on the 26th of this month! He's a super cool guy!
  Also something else....A miracle!!! Do you remember Nora's friend W... that would come to some of our activities back in Donghai? (she's in a lot of the pictures) Well, she got baptized last week!! When I was up in Taichung picking up my new companion, I saw her and Nora up there and they told me!! That is a huge miracle!! At first when we invited her, she was super nervous and didn't really want to. We would always invite her though, and even bring her food to her work. And sometimes when we called her up, we would sing her church hymns! She still didn't show a whole lot of interest. And then the week before I left, Elder Moore and I wrote inspirational notes inside a Book of Mormon and gave it to her. She said she had read a little of it when I talked with her the day before I left, but I didn't realize how much she appreciated the Book of Mormon. And then to hear that she kept coming to church and was baptized....Wow that's awesome! I guess the small and little things that we do, even when we don't think that they are helping, are some of the most powerful things in the lives of others! I'm super glad that we were able to help in some small way!
Well I love you all! Have a great week!
Mango Bing

Outside Our Chapel

Reunion Of All My MTC Companions Minus Elder Lauti
(Photobomb by Elder Kunz. Well done)

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