Monday, September 28, 2015

Mid-Autumn Festival...

Translation: Hey!  Hello!  This week we have a nice good!  God answered my prayers because the weather here is not so hot.  The Gospel is true!

So it's been a little better going outside and riding around all day. Actually there is a typhoon that is supposed to come today so it's really cool today. I'm going to be bringing my jacket out today. I really hope it doesn't come because we are planing to go to Monkey Mountain and a zoo nearby there. I'm super excited to go there so I hope that the typhoon doesn't ruin our plans!!

  This past weekend was a big festival in Taiwan, it was their zhong qiu jie which is the Mid-Autumn Festival! So everyone was making a bunch of moon cakes during the week and we ate a ton of them!! They are super good and tasty.  Our ward had a big barbaque and we cooked up a bunch of good stuff. The Taiwanese style BBQ are a little different than the American ones. We cooked up little strips of meat, some fish pancakes, sausages, squid, and a bunch of fish. Yes indeed, that fish in that picture was really good. and I ate all of it...except for the bones of course. I'm not going to lie, I missed having a normal burger at a cookout, but I guess that the fish was good substitute. Last night there was a lot of people out in the streets randomly setting off fireworks. It was pretty cool and we got to watch some from our balcony. They weren't like a fancy show or anything, but they were still pretty fun.
  Last pday we went bike riding around our area trying to look for fun stuff to do. Elder Grisenti has never been to the ocean before in his life so we decided to bike out to the ocean. Unfortunately the view was less than we expected haha. It was a pretty small and polluted beach, but at least it was something.
  S... is still having some problems, especially with coming to church. He came last week for the whole time, but he still isn't sure about baptism. He knows it's all true but he doesn't want to make a commitment until he knows he can 100% stick true to his commitment. He's afraid that sometimes in his life he won't be able to come to church because of maybe work or something, and he doesn't want to let God down. We've been trying to help him to see that we all aren't perfect and if we wait until we are perfect to be baptized, then no one would ever get baptized! Just keep praying for him!! If you have any suggestions on how to help let me know.
  We had many miracles yesterday. One of the members in the ward that we actually had never really talked to before came up and said that she had a friend that wanted to meet with us! So we called him up and set up a time to meet (the day that we will watch conference). So I'm excited for that! Also a member that I met up in Taichung came to our ward yesterday and brought one of his friends that lives nearby and after church I was talking with him and he said he loved the feeling at church.  He is in the marines and is always in a pretty rough environment and he says he wants to find more of that peace that he feels when he's with his friend. We are meeting with him soon!
  Well we've had some ups and downs recently, but with all your prayers, I hope that things can look even better in the coming weeks! I love you all lots and I'm thankful for all the prayers and support that you already give! Have an awesome week!
Translation:  Happy Mid-Autumn Festival
Stake Conference With Stake President And Area Seventy From Thailand

Area Seventy

The Beach

Mid-Autumn Festival BBQ

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