Monday, June 15, 2015

Good News, Sad News...

Hey Everyone!

  I realized that Father's Day is about a week away but I just wanted to make sure that I wasn't late in wishing everyone a Happy Father's Day. And Eric, a very happy birthday to you! I hope that you had a fantastic bday! I think that God, for your birthday, gave me a present.

  Two days ago we were meeting with a really nice man in our ward named W.... He doesn't come to church very often and is the only member in his family which is really hard for him. We were talking with him and he said, I really want to start coming back to church! He has a son who is 11 and is really cool and always comes to our English class. He has never really come to church much but he said that he and his dad could start coming and that he wants to be baptized! Wow! What a big birthday gift! I'm really excited for this because W... is such a really nice guy and he has had a hard life with health problems and some family issues. I really hope that as they both come a lot, that there will be a change in the home and help their relations with the rest of the family.

  I also have some sad news...N... moved yesterday! She had been looking for a better job for a long time and she really wanted to be a translator because she can speak Japanese really well. She finally got a job for an engineering company but she had to move to xinju which is in the Taipei mission area. I'm really sad to see her go, but I guess I'm really glad that she finally got the job that she had been looking for, for so long.
  This week we went to the far reaches of our area to help a family move. Actually, the house was so messy that they just gave up cleaning it and decided to move. They left most of their stuff because it was all old and broken. Thank goodness we didn't have to move everything or that would have taken all day. I have a greater appreciation of how lucky we are to have such a beautiful home and such a clean place to live. We are super lucky!
  I'm really glad that Alexa had such a great time on her mini mission! It's a great experience isn't it. I don't think anyone would dare slamming the door on such a pretty face as yours! Unfortunately I can't say the same of myself  haha. Well, that's all I've got time for. I love you lots!!
Elder Stevens

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