Monday, June 8, 2015

Great Week...

Hey everyone!

 Thankfully this last week has been much nicer than the last two, it only rained one day this week! That made things a lot easier for us. We also had an amazing weekend. L... was baptized!! It was a double baptism. There was also a little girl from the W... family in our ward who was getting baptized as well. They were the family who were super good with helping us when we were first meeting with N.... It was a really nice baptism and L... was smiling big and really happy.

  For this next movecall I will be staying with Elder Moore again in Donghai. Elder Kujanpaa in our district is going to be moving out to Tainan, and my old friend from Tainan, Elder Galura is going to be moving into our district! I'm really excited that he's moving in with us. He was a really good supportive missionary when I first got on the island and it will be cool again to be serving next to him. 
 Yesterday was Elder Moore's birthday! So we had some cake and a little celebration for him at the end of our activity last night. The Sisters in our district baked a really tasty cake.  
  Eating at the toilet restaurant last week was pretty fun. Everything in there was toilet themed. My icecream was served to me in a squatty potty...that brought back fun memories of Africa haha. It was a good time.
 Well I don't have that much time this week. A member who is going on a mission soon to Oregon wants to eat lunch with us and we're going to help him get ready to leave. He's a super cool guy and was really pumped that he was going to get to go to America on his mission. Alexa that's awesome that you're getting a chance to do a mini-mission. That's good experience. Just enjoy talking with everyone and just sharing about why you love the gospel so much. It's a joyful experience. 
Well, I have to go. I love you all lots!

Sister Missionaries Decorated Elder Moore's Bike For His Birthday

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