Lost Packages, Dan Jones, and Pinatas...

Hey what's up!

  I have good news for everyone. I ALMOST have my packages from home! They should be here in another week or so. The mission office has been sending all of my mail to the wrong address down in Gaoxiong. One of the Elders in Gaoxiong discovered the packages and he said he would send them up soon. So hopefully I'll get them quickly! And hopefully all the food is still good!

  Other good news...we've found some really nice people that are really interested in the gospel message. A guy named Steven (what a great name, we are going to get along really well) who is a student here at Donghai University. He is super cool and really outgoing so it was fun to talk with him. He has never really heard a lot about Christ before, but he has always wondered why He is so special and why people are so happy in sharing a message about Him. He's a really nice guy.
I love having a college in my area, because all the college students are a lot more open and accepting of new ideas so they are willing to talk with us and give the gospel a shot. We're also meeting with a student named Jordan who really loves basketball and Jesus! Super cool. He loves learning about Christ and is really interested that there is a whole other book about Him-The Book of Mormon.
  Things are all still going well for me. This week was full of finding and teaching. That's pretty much what we do. Good stuff! We've also been prepping for our English Class party next week. It's a Cinco de Mayo themed party and we've been trying to make a pinata. It's proving to be very difficult, but hopefully we can get it done. I'm pumped for this week though. Remember that Dan Jones experience that I had when I first came on the island? Where I stood on the box and preached the gospel in the night market. Well, a bunch of new missionaries are coming in and I get to go help them do it and then go around with one of them and just go talk with everybody in the night market. I remember how lost I felt when I first came on, so it'll be cool being on the other side of it and helping the other missionaries experience "real" missionary work.
  Ian, I'm sorry for what you had to deal with this week with all those girls coming over and pressing you into service. Xinku ni. (that means basically, wow that's really bad for you, your life is rough) At least your a good sport about it. At your age you'd better keep your eyes open for a wife, so that's good that you're being a gentleman. You had a great soccer game too! Nice job man! Alexa, you looked very beautiful! Probably the most beautiful girl at the whole dance and that's not just prejudiced comments! Your hair looked like it would've taken some time to do. What! You're already taking the ACT! I hope you did well. You'll probably do better than Eric and I did. No worries. 
  Good luck prepping for your bike ride. My recommendation is to find a big hill and just ride up that a bunch. It works pretty well haha. Wow Dad, I wouldn't put it past you to memorize the entire standard works! That's pretty impressive how fast you're memorizing all the scriptures. 
  Well that's pretty much all I've got. I'm really looking forward to getting the packages because I've been without snacks for a long time. All I have to eat in the morning for breakfast is a bowl of oatmeal. It doesn't really do it for me haha. I love you all, have a great week!
Donghai University, Taichung, Taiwan
Dan Jones Preaching in Wales 1846


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