Monday, April 13, 2015

General Conference, Grave Sweeping Day Of Service, Companion Splits...

Hey Everyone!

I just had an awesome week and an even better weekend! Listening to conference was, as Eric already said, the closest thing I've had to a weekend so far on my mission. It was nice to be able to relax and listen to some great inspired messages. I really liked them all, but I have a few favorites. I enjoyed the one about the doctor in Africa and trying to hear the music. Also Elder Renlund's talk about forgiveness. He said that the moment we decide to change, the Atonement will help us, no matter how many times we've failed before. There were tons of good talks in there. The story of Elder Holland was also really good. I was on the edge of my seat for that one!

Earlier in the week, we saw some awesome miracles. We are slowly finding more and more people to teach. Just like Eric though, we haven't had that many lessons these past few weeks here; just about 5 to 7 each week. So most of our time is spent trying to find people too. It's been a little discouraging, but Eric had some very wise words of advice for me. He said that I should be excited to contact all the time, because that is when you find the most miracles! I tried to go in with that attitude for the week and just be super pumped that we were going to see lots of miracles every time we went to talk with people. And it works! I went on companion exchanges last Tuesday and went down to an area next to ours with a really sweet Elder Kujanpaa. I love companion exchanges! You get to go to fun new areas and you can learn a lot from working with other missionaries. And you've got one day to do as much as you can to pump up their area. He had some lessons set up, but they all cancelled on us, so we had the whole time to contact. We made sure to get super excited because we were going to see tons of miracles and talked with everyone we passed. Basically anyone we talked to was willing to talk and said they would be cool to meet later. And we met a cool guy that just came from Hong Kong. He said he was confused about why there were so many different Christian churches. He was Christian but he had been searching for which one was right. We told him that we had a pretty good way to help him find out! He was super cool. We also talked to a girl who was in college nearby. She was in a similar situation and was super excited to have met us. 
  After a few days, Elder Kujanpaa called me and said that the girl is super excited and has a baptismal goal for May and they have tons of people to meet with now! Eric was right. If you go out with that attitude of expecting miracles, you will see them. None of them lived in our area, but it still feels good to do a small part in helping others come unto Christ.
  It sounds like everyone has been busy back home! You've got a lot going on! Good luck training for the biking trip! I remember biking to Xenia for ice cream and sometimes it felt like a long way. Now...probably not haha. We ride literally for hours and hours everyday haha. Ian that's cool that you're playing volleyball already! By the time you get to high school you'll be a pro! Sounds really fun. On the other hand, Alexa sorry you had to get your wisdom teeth out. I remember doing that, and I hated it! I felt really miserable for the next few days. Hopefully you're almost all the way better now. Wow dad, those rooms have really made you knowledgeable of the scriptures. Did any of the missionaries or kids ask for them? I hope that the package you sent will actually get to me. I haven't received any mail for the past 2 months just about. I don't know where it all is haha. They might have sent it down to my old area on accident. 
  Well I love you all lots! Have a great week!

Note from Dad:  (The General Conference Sermons that Andrew enjoyed listening to are found at:  The story by Elder Holland reminds me of the love Eric and Andrew have for each other.)

Day of Service, Grave Sweeping, Taichung, Taiwan


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