Monday, April 27, 2015

Cinco De Mayo Fiesta, Transfers...

  Well, the week has past and here's another email. Whenever I sit down to write, I completely forget everything I had to say so I'm sorry if in every email it seems like I'm just saying the same things over and over. Luckily my English hasn't gotten too bad yet so it's less painful to read haha.

  Well fortunately we had a few activities last week that added some spice to the missionary life. Our English party went well and our pinata was a fan favorite! It was so hard to make and neither me nor my companion knew what we were doing. We just got a balloon and covered it in newspaper and glue and thankfully it was strong enough to work. Actually, we were really worried that the pinata wouldn't even be strong enough to hold the candy. So we put lots of paper on it, so much that they couldn't break it with the plastic bat that we had! So we had to get out a different bat for them to finally break it with. We also made some horchata, a Spanish rice milk drink. It was super easy to make and really good. Everyone liked it. I was really surprised because no one here likes sweet things. Actually we were kind of hoping that no one would like it so that we could drink a ton of leftovers, but they all loved it and wanted to get the recipe. And worst of all, they drank all of the horchata!
  The Dan Jones experience was really good too. It brought back all of those memories of feeling completely lost and confused. This time it was a lot more relaxed and fun. I got to help out an Elder Young who got to serve in Arizona for about a month and a half before finally making it over here. He was a really cool guy. It was really fun going around with him and talking with people. It let me realize how much my Chinese had improved. I could understand everything that people said to me. It's really a miracle to me each time I realize that I am able to communicate with people who, only 4 or 5 months ago I would have no way to connect with them. Unfortunately, a lot of the people we talked to were really rude and rejected us pretty badly, but luckily my companion didn't understand any of the bad stuff they were saying so it didn't hurt his missionary spirit haha.
  Well today was our movecall again, and I am staying in Donghai. Elder Aimes is moving down to Gaoxiong to be companions with my old MTC companion Elder Osborne! Super cool! And even cooler, my trainer Elder Smith just moved up to Taichung and is my zone leader so it was great to see him again! My new companion is named Elder Moore. I met him back in Tainan. He was serving in the same zone down there. And whenever we went to eat at chidaobaos he was usually there so we know each other a bit. He's really great, so we should have a good time together.
  Everything is going well in Donghai and I've definitely noticed that my legs are getting stronger. I'm enjoying that. We don't really have any good workout equipment where I live but at least we get an amazing lower body workout.
  I'm glad that things are going well for everyone back home. I still don't have my packages but hopefully I'll get them soon. It's the thought that counts, so if I end up never getting them, thank you anyway! I love you all lots!

PS: The Mission Office just share this information with us regarding the Asia Area:
"The Asia Area (10 missions: Taiwan Taichung, Taiwan Taipei, China Hong Kong, Thailand Bangkok, Cambodia Phnom Penh, Indonesia, Singapore, Mongolia Ulaanbaatar, India New Delhi, and India Bangalore) includes over half of the population of the world. There are currently 26 stakes, 13 of which are in Taiwan! Taiwan is truly a special place in the hollow of the Lord's hands, and we are so grateful to be serving here with our missionaries!"

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