Monday, January 12, 2015

Lots Of Teaching!

Well I actually don't really remember a whole lot that happened this week so it might be a shorter email haha. We've really been trying to pick it up with the number of lessons we teach each week. We have a lot of investigators who have potential and I'm super excited to see how things turn out. Everyday we've been basically tracting and teaching, tracting and teaching. Things are going well though and we are finding success. 
  D... is still looking super strong for baptism on the 31st and I don't see of anything stopping her. She wants to be baptized so badly. Unfortunately, P... is having some trouble. He is super nice though and has committed to live all of the commandments we've taught him, but he just doesn't want to take the next step. He really needs the gospel though. He always says how he feels unsatisfied with his life and wonders why there is so much confusion, why life has so many trials. I know that the gospel would bless his life. I hope that as he lives the things we've taught him he'll come to recognize the truth of what we teach him.
  L... is also looking pretty good for the 31st. He was in China all last week so we couldn't meet with him to talk about his baptism goal. I hope that we can help him meet that goal. He has such a great family!
  L... Y... H... is slowly progressing towards his goal on the 7th of February. He needs to come to church the next three Sundays to hit the goal so it's still possible to make it. He's a really cool guy and they have a great family, so I'm excited to help unify their family through the gospel.
  One other thing of importance. I got my first haircut in Taiwan! It was as everyone told me. They don't know how to cut American styles....At least hair always grows back...
  Well that's about it for this week. Nothing too exciting. That's sweet that you got all those snow days! Although that makes it a little difficult to prepare for your exams Alexa. Good luck with them! Also, I will be praying for you Grandpa.  I hope you recover fast from your surgery.  I hope it's not too cold for you in Ohio! Have a great week! I love you all!
Our Apartment.  It's Big!!


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