Sunday, January 4, 2015

Christmas Week

  Dear Family,

  Merry (belated) Christmas to everyone! I really enjoyed being able to talk with the family last week! It was great to hear from everyone! The best Christmas present ever! It sounds like everyone is doing well and is having a good time! It was really interesting talking to Eric through a double skype. Thank goodness neither of us had lag so we were able to talk with each other.

  Some more good news, I got G&G Stevens package the day after Christmas and even better...the goodies were still good! The molasses cookies were nice and soft and everything tasted great as usual. Thanks so much!
  All of the young people here are so nice, I got tons of little cards and notes, and candies that people had made. They were all really cool. It's amazing what some people can make. We also had a fun gift exchange with them and I got a selfie stick! Those things are so popular in Taiwan, literally everyone in our ward has one. So now I'll be able to take some super sweet pics of myself. Get ready! haha
  Even more good news!  S... Dx got baptized last Saturday!! He was the happiest that I'd ever seen him! None of his family went with him to his baptism and you could tell that made him a little sad, but thankfully they came with him to church the next day for the first time! Everyone was so friendly to them and I hope that they will be able to come again! S... Dx is such a great father and really wants to do whatever he can to take care of his family. I really hope that they can understand the importance of the church like S... Dx and they can have an eternal family!
  We also set up a baptismal date for D... and B..., our Filipino investigators. They are set for January 31st! D... would be ready and willing to be baptized next week, but we want them to be baptized together and B... wanted a little more time. He seems like he has an open mind and has been really willing to listen to us. I'm really excited for them!
  We had a nice Christmas dinner with an American family that lives in our ward. It was great to have some American food again! They had some good chicken, mashed potatoes, salad, chili, and some other good stuff too!
   Well, that's about all I've got this week. I hope everyone has a great week and that the family has a great time in Nepal! Those pictures looked super cool. Well love ya!

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