Monday, November 17, 2014

Off To Taiwan!!

  Well the time has finally arrived! I got my visa, and I'll be leaving for Taiwan tomorrow morning at 8:30am. I'm so excited to finally be leaving and going to a new country! Especially because it's starting to get really cold here and I'm already tired of it haha. Hopefully the weather will be a lot warmer over there. I think it will definitely be warmer than 0 degrees with the windchill like it is over here. And hopefully I won't have to wear my suits anymore! Actually it's not to bad wearing them. I guess I've gotten used to wearing them so they don't feel uncomfortable anymore. 
 I ran into Bishop Hale's dad after we finished with the Summerwood meeting and I didn't even know who he was until he asked if my bishop back home was doing a good job. Luckily I said that he was doing a great job haha. I've also talked with the Marshells who lived in our ward a while back. It's nice that I've seen so many people here, but I doubt that will be the case in Taiwan. Oh well, I'm still excited!
  Some good missionary news, W... and J... are both on date for baptism on the 6th of January! They are both progressing very well and are really excited to learn more and to read the Book of Mormon. They are fantastic. It's too bad that I'll be leaving them, but I know that my companions will do a good job teaching her more. C... is still doing well, and really enjoys it when we stop by. I'm sad to leave her too. She's a hair stylist and just got out of beauty school so I'm going to have her get some practice today when she cuts my hair. I gotta look good for when I arrive in Taiwan haha. We've also found tons of potential investigators, and a lot of people that are telling us that they want to be baptized and that they want their family baptized as well! Too bad I'll be missing all of that, but the Lord needs me in other parts of the world.
  I really hope that I get your package in the mail today! Otherwise I may not get it for a while haha. The mission office would send it to me if I had already left before I got the package.  I know it will work out. I'm going to be sending home some of the things that I don't need so keep your eyes peeled for a package with a bunch of cool missionary stuff in it. Well I gotta go now. I'm so excited to talk with everyone soon!! Alexa and Ian, hopefully I'll be able to talk with you in a few hours! I love you all very much! Talk to you soon!
I decided to add a special email for this momentous occasion.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!!!!! You're still looking good even at your age haha. When I get to taiwan I'll try to find some cool things to send home for you and mom for your birthdays. Don't think that I've forgotten about that!
Love you lots! and I'm looking forward to talking with you!

Taipai, Taiwan

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