Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween, and Transfers...

  Well this week is transfers and it looks like I will be staying here for at least another 6 weeks! This is a great area so I'm glad that I'm staying. Unfortunately my companion is leaving for Kaysville. I'm really going to miss my companion because we worked really well together and got along great. We also were getting a lot done, but I guess there's other work to be done for him. Our roommate, Elder Palhegyi is getting transferred too, but Elder Firpo is staying.
   That's so exciting that Tim got his mission call to Portugal. He will have a great mission!
   I talked to the doctor yesterday and he said that I would probably be fine to wear contacts again. He didn't check my eyes or anything but he said it's been long enough. Hopefully they'll be alright.
   It was a lot of fun teaching the exchange students from Taiwan. It's too bad they've already gone back home because it would be nice to be able to teach them some more. It was really a good way to practice my Chinese.
   My week has been pretty good. W... and  C... were both really sick this last week so we weren't able to teach them or invite them to church, but hopefully we can this next week. Since I will have a new companion to the area, I need to really step up and take charge during all the lessons and the work, especially because I've been in the area longer and know people better. Maybe it will be a good learning experience for me. 
   It's starting to get really cold here though! It was snowing a little bit yesterday. It's crazy because the day before it was 70 degrees! That's a huge change! I'm borrowing one of Elder Carlin's coats for a while and I'll just give it back before I leave, which might not be until a while;-)  I heard Janae is getting a temporary call to Arizona. That's a great place to go though. She'll have perfect weather! I want to go there too haha.
   I'm glad everyone had a good Halloween. We had to stay in our apartments after 6 pm so we didn't get to celebrate too much. We got to just relax for the rest of the night so that was nice. We only had one set of trick or treaters stop by, and that was D..., J..., and his two girls A... and S... That was nice of them to come by cuz it's a little out of their way from other places for getting candy.

We attend 4 different wards.  We are in the Valley View Stake and we go to the Peacefield, Adamswood, Oakhills, and Summerwood Wards. We meet a lot of people every Sunday. 
   I got a letter about a week or two ago. Was that a different one than this one? We lost our key to the mailbox so we can only get in if we wait for the mail truck and grab the mail when the mail lady opens the mailbox. It's at a bad time because it took a week to be able to get Grandma and Grandpa's cookies that they sent. Luckily it's been so cold anyway that they were still good. Thanks for sending them! They taste great and my roommates love them as well!

  I can't believe I didn't mention this earlier, but we had a baptism this last Saturday. J... is 9 and his cousins R... and V... are both 8 and they were all baptized together. We started out teaching them but then our area split and the other Elders finished teaching them. I gave a talk on the Holy Ghost at the baptismal service and I used a Kendama as an object lesson. I said that without the string (Holy Ghost) we can't do any of the tricks i.e. have a happy family, go to the temple, make correct decisions.  I had J... come up and demonstrate using the Kendama for us and it worked out really well.
   Well I hope everyone has a great week! Hopefully it doesn't snow yet! If it just snows on Christmas and then melts right afterwards I'll be okay with that haha. I love you all very much.

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