Monday, October 13, 2014

Lots Of Teaching Opportunities!

Hey how is everyone doing! Conference week was amazing and I'm really glad that I was able to attend two sessions! I know I've been there to the Conference Center in the past, but I didn't really remember it very well. This time I was really paying attention so I could learn how to improve as a missionary and I really got a lot more out of the talks. I really liked Bednar's talk on why we share the gospel with everyone, and the talk about staying in the boat...I think it was Ballard's. I also agree with you dad, Uchtdorf's talk on asking "Is it I?" was really good too.

We are teaching a lot of people!  We spend most of our time with less actives and recent converts and they need lots of help. We have several others who are non-members who we are teaching. We have our second lesson with a guy named J...  who is a methodist. He is a really nice guy from Ohio so we get along well.  The first lesson went well and he said he would pray, and if he got an answer he would be willing to be baptized! J..., D...'s friend is also looking more hopeful. He came to church with us yesterday and during a class, he bore his testimony about how grateful he was for us and for coming into his life and helping him and D...  become better people. He said that he has never felt how he feels now until we came into his life and helped him to change around. He really started crying too. I can tell that he really wants to change his life, but he's a little scared of the change, so I can understand why he dodged us a bit and had some relapses. He really wants to change though.

We were riding our bikes the other day and three girls stopped us and wanted to talk with us. We had a good talk and we have an appointment with one of them, named C..., tomorrow. We baked her some giant cookies for the birthdays of her two kids. She is a single mom in her 20s who needs help. It seems that a lot of people we teach are young single mothers. I can't imagine how hard that would be. We have a few others that we will hopefully be able to get some appointments for lessons. We really have so much potential in this area! I actually kind of want to stay here for another transfer because there's just so much to be done! There's no word on the visas yet, so I hope that they come in soon, but maybe not that soon haha.

I'm glad that Ian's team is doing so well this season! Nice job! I knew all that training with me would pay off haha. Actually, Ian you're just a good player. Keep it up! I got to see the movie "Meet the Mormons" one day before it came out in the theaters. We got a special viewing of it. It was a really good movie. I really liked the pilot and the story of the missionary mom. It's also neat how you'll probably meet the guy from Nepal with Choice Humanitarian. When I saw the Choice Humanitarian shirts in the movie I got really excited! Well I'm all out of time. I hope that you all have another great week! I love you all so much!

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