Monday, October 6, 2014

A Great General Conference Weekend!

Hey how is everyone doing? Things have been going pretty well this week. I had a great time at conference on Saturday. We got to go to the Saturday morning and the priesthood session of conference. I really enjoyed both of them. We took several recent converts to both sessions and they really enjoyed them a lot because they'd never seen conference before. We had pretty good seats. They were in the terrace section, the second story section, and they were right in the center.  I liked how they did a lot of talks in different languages. I wish that the Chinese general authority would've spoke in Mandarin instead of Cantonese so I would've been able to practice, but it was still cool. I noticed a few similarities between the languages and I picked out a few of the words.  Everyone has been telling me how good Elder Holland's talk was, but that was the only session of conference I missed because we were visiting a family during that time. I'll have to watch it sometime soon because I always like his talks. I also liked Elder Bednar's talk about why we always like to share our beliefs with others.
 We still only have three bikes, but luckily since I'm not the smallest, I don't have to sit on anyone's handlebars. We either just walk around or bike. It's good to walk and honestly I'm glad that we have to so we don't get lazy in a car lol. We play basketball every morning for exercise and then I come home and do some more exercising so I'm trying not to gain weight with all the food we have. I had actually lost weight at the MTC and I still haven't gained it back yet, so I'm good so far haha. Ya Janae told me that someone was coming to talk with them from Taiwan. I really hope that they can fix the visa situation cuz I'm so excited to go. I was looking at pictures from the Taiwan mission page and it made me really want to go there. I enjoy it a lot here though and my roommates, so I don't mind being here for a little bit more.  But I'd like to get to Taiwan next transfer if it is possible. I try to practice Chinese everyday but it still isn't as good as when I used it all the time at the MTC or if I were in Taiwan. I met a lot of Chinese people when I went to conference and had good conversations with them. They seemed like they could understand me haha. That was really fun! 
  I hope everything is going well back home. Ian, nice job in soccer, I'm glad to hear that you've been doing really well this season. And Alexa, I'm sorry to hear about your knee.  At least you'll be able to weight lift more :) And taking dance classes is good too. Well have a great week everyone. I love you lots.
ps. idk if I told you or not, but put apartment #3 on the address if you mail me stuff. If not, I'm pretty sure the mailman knows where the 'Elders' live so hopefully I'd still get it. lol
Conference Center

Temple Square

Exciting Day!

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