Monday, October 27, 2014

A Great Week!

   We had a pretty busy week last week. Lots of stuff has been happening. First of all, our investigator C...decided to be baptized! I'm so excited for her. She has been great and prayed about what we taught her about the restoration and she got an answer that she needs to continue in this direction. We still have more to teach her, but she is scheduled for Nov 22 to be baptized. Unfortunately she wasn't able to come to church with us yesterday, but there's always next week. 
   Our other investigator W... decided she wants to look into the church a lot more. She wants to start coming to church. She was supposed to go yesterday, but she had a migraine. So I guess we'll just have to go next week with her too.  At least J... and his two girls were able to come to church. The girls both had parts in the primary program and they did great. One of them gave a short talk about D... meeting with us and being baptized. It was really sweet. We are going to meet with D.. and J... this week again.  It should be fun.
   On a not so happy note, B..., a recent covert that has been having a lot of struggles, just took a turn for the worse. She'd been letting a lot of shady people associate with her and they just got busted yesterday for breaking the law. She's getting kicked out of her apartment, and very possibly will lose her newborn baby. She's a single mom, and her parents won't take her in so she's in a bad situation. We are really praying for her. 
  About the bunk couch, we don't actually sleep there all the time. We all have normal beds to sleep in but we also have like 5 couches in our house haha. The inspectors didn't approve of that many but I think they're fine lol. We all have a couch to sleep on at nights when we do use them. They're actually just as good as my bed because my bed is too short for me and my ankles hang over the edge of the bed. It's a bed though, and it is all mine.
  My eye is doing alright. I'm still using the drops and wearing my glasses but I haven't gone to see the eye doctor again yet. I'll probably just keep using the drops for another week or two and go see him next week, depending on if I'm going to leave for Taiwan at the end of this transfer. We just had interviews with our mission president and he says things aren't looking promising. He thinks I'll probably be here for at least another transfer and possibly a few more. At least I'll be able to finish up some more of the work we've been doing. I really want to go to Taiwan, but that seems like a distant thing now. Who knows what will happen.
  Oh we just got a new investigator. His name is C..., he's 17 and he moved here from Virginia and has been investigating the Church for a while. We met with him this morning for the first time and talked about the atonement, baptism, and the Holy Ghost. He said that he's a little hesitant about baptism because he wants to understand things first. He said he would continue to read the Book of Mormon and pray about it. He's a great guy and I think that he will get an answer soon because he is very sincere. 
  Wow that picture of the yard sure looks different with all of the trees gone. That's too bad that all of them are dying. It looks a little barren now, but at least you were able to get them taken care of. Ian nice job this season with soccer. You're doing great! you've won a ton this year! And I'm glad to hear that Alexa hasn't crashed the car yet. I'm still a little nervous lol. 
  Oh one more thing. Tonight I'm going to be teaching two girls from Taiwan who are exchange students. A guy from Hong Kong is going to help me teach them and says he speaks Cantonese and only speaks a little Mandarin. I guess we're both going to have an interesting time haha. I'm excited, but a little nervous because my Chinese has gotten a lot worse since I left the MTC. Wish me luck though.

   Well I love you all very much. Hope you all have a great week!
Teaching Exchange Students From Taiwan

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