Awesome Week!!

Hey Everyone!
 After one weeks of serving here I've decided that ZuoYing is a great place! There are so many people, places to eat, and things to do. I love at night when everyone is out on the streets shopping and walking around because we just get to stroll around and talk with everyone. There are so many people to talk to and it makes things so much fun. There are plenty of places to eat too. The thing is though, Elder Neuhaus and I have been trying to eat healthier so we just eat inside all the time. We just stay inside for breakfast and lunch and eat protein shakes, chicken breast, peanut butter, salad, pb & j sandwiches and fruit. We also got a membership at a really nice gym here (that's why I took a bunch of money out of my account) and we get up at about 5:30am to work out every morning. I'm feeling a lot better than I have after starting to be healthy again. I'm super glad my companion likes to do this just as much as I do.

  Elder Neuhaus is awesome. He played basketball for BYU Hawaii before he came on his mission so he knows how to work hard in the gym and in missionary work in general. He's really fun to be with and we are having a great time together. He is just excited to learn what to do so it makes working with him all that more fun. We worked a lot last week trying to find new people to teach. We did have one lesson that we shared. He was cool and really interested but didn't live in our area so we referred him to the other missionaries. This week has many lessons planned though so I'm excited to meet with some new cool people!

  This week we also have Zone Training Meeting. It's nice this time because I don't have to give the training, I can just sit and learn from the Zone Leaders. It will be a lot more relaxing. On Friday we are having a big meeting to meet our new mission president, President Teh. We are all excited to see what he is like.

  Today for pday we are just going to hang out in the gym and play pool, ping pong, basketball, and maybe exercise more. (we have to make the most out of that membership haha) Oh I also got a Costco membership last week. It was free because I just added it to the membership that my companion bought. So that's fun. That's about it for today. Love you all!

Elder Stevens 


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