New Area, New Companion, New Mission President...

Dear Everyone,

  Well, the time has finally come...the very last transfer of my mission. The last leg of the race. And I won't be spending it in Ping Dong. I got a call and I've been moved to the center of Gaoxiong City in a place called ZuoYing. It's kind of weird moving to a new area when I only have 6 weeks left because before I even have a chance to learn the area, I'll be coming home haha. But there are tons of people in this area and I'm excited to serve here. My new companion says that they don't really have anyone to teach, but with such a great area, so many people, and God's help, I think that we can change that.

   My new (and maybe final) companion is Elder Neuhaus from Nashville, Tennessee. He's a cool guy and I'm excited to work with him. He just got finished with training so it will be fun to work with a newer missionary again. He also likes to exercise a lot so we are going to have a good time finding a gym and helping me get back into shape before I come home. Apparently there is a gym and a store for protein powder and stuff nearby so I'm excited for that.

   I really enjoyed my time in PingDong. I learned a lot there and enjoyed being Zone Leader and having many opportunities to work with newer missionaries and help to teach and train them. I am a little happy to not be a zone leader though because now I will actually have time to relax in the morning and at night. This might be a bad thing though because it will give me more time to think about to many other things haha. 

  Also, in the next few days my mission president, President Blickenstaff and his wife will be returning back to America. They've served here for three years and it's time for them to go back. Our new president, President Teh will be coming in this week as well. A new president probably means that there are going to be some big changes in the mission and I am excited to meet him. I'm debating in my head, will a mission president who is a member of the Seventy Quorum be really strict, or will he just be a really nice guy. I'm not sure which it will be haha. It doesn't really matter though. I'm just excited to keep working my hardest and find as many people to teach as I can. I've thoroughly enjoyed my time on a mission and even though it's coming to a close, I am not going to slow down my pace. 

   I'm glad to hear that you all made it back safely from the trip over to WV. It's too bad that the rain was so bad and kind of messed with your plans for camping and rafting, but there's always next time. I would love to go on a trip white water rafting over there after I get back. We won't have lots of time do to much in the days before college but I would be down to go rafting. 

  Well that's about it. I'll let you know next week how great the area is here haha. I love you all lots. Thanks for all the emails you send every week. you only have a few times left to write me, so please don't forget in the next few weeks ;)
Elder Stevens


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