My New Area, Lantern Festival And More...

Dear Everyone,

First I want to start off by saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALEXA!! I can't believe that it's been a whole year since you got your driving license and haven't even crashed the car yet! Congrats! :)

  Well my first week in Ping Dong has been pretty fun! It's a lot different moving from an area with almost no one on the streets, to the middle of a fairly large city. If I didn't have someone to lead me around all the time, I would get completely lost within 5 minutes! It's a fun place though!

  This past week was our Power Week which means we only have one hour of studies and then leave the house at 9am and then have 15 minutes for lunch and dinner. It was a pretty crazy and interesting week having to come into a new area on a week like that, and also trying to learn everything for what to do to help the new zone out. It's been pretty fun working with Elder Lin. He's from Taipei and has already finished college. He's a pretty funny guy and is really good with the members. It's really clear to see how Taiwanese missionaries can really work well with the members a lot better than us foreigners so I've been learning a lot about good missionary work and working with members from him!

   We actually don't have any real investigators here either haha but I'm used to that from my time in Xihu. The difference now is that we are in a city and there are people everywhere. I'm super excited to start picking this area up and working hard to find more people to teach! 

  This week I'm going to be going on exchanges to the furthest south area in Taiwan...Kending so I'm pretty excited for that. Hopefully I'll have some nice pictures to show. No promises though haha. 

  Today is actually the Lantern Festival so they have a bunch of lanterns everywhere to celebrate. Were going with some members today to visit a fun place. I'm not sure what it is, but hopefully it'll be cool. Well I don't have any time left so this is all I've got! Love you all!

Elder Stevens

Lantern Festival

A Public Park In Ping Dong We Like To Visit


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