Monday, July 13, 2015

Ward Activity!!

Hey everyone!

I'm happy to hear that everyone is doing well back home, that is, except for Alexa's finger... Sorry to hear about that Lex. It's a really good thing that you recorded that song before you broke your finger! Hopefully it'll heal soon so you can get back to recording more songs! That's exciting that you're going to Japan soon! Do you already have picked where you want to go? That's too bad that Alexa and Ian don't get to go though haha.

Yes, I will probably move this next week. In my last interview with our mission president he said that I had been here for a pretty long time so it was about time that I moved. It's not for sure yet though. My companion thinks that I'll move down to GaoXiong next because I haven't been there. That would be pretty brutal since it's in the middle of the summer and that is the hottest place in Taiwan....we'll see what happens. I guess then I would be able to experience a real Taiwan summer haha. It's pretty hot here, but it isn't as bad as everyone said it would be though. I'm still pretty glad that we've got air conditioning though!
This week we had a big ward activity. Usually each week we have a young adults activity with people, but this time the whole ward wanted to come so we had a ton of food and some games to play. It was a lot of fun and turned out really well. I was really worried about it because I couldn't think of any games that we could play with the whole ward. It was fun though. Well I've got to go. Sorry that it's such a short email, but I'll make up for it with pictures! Yeah!
I love you all lots!
At A Market In Donghai

At The Temple

Bus Ride To The Temple

Uno At The Want Family House.  UNO!

Activity At The Ward Chapel

Random Picture Outside Elevator At Our Chapel

Zhongzi Someone Gave To Us Starving Missionaries
Biking To The Stake Center


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