American Foooooood!

We went down to Costco with the other Elders and a friend on pday. It was about a 40 minute bus ride down there. It's really nice though because as long as you ride under a certain amount of miles, all the buses here in Taichung are free! So we went down there and got to look once more at all the American foods that Taiwan has to offer. That's seriously like the only place you can go if you want any. We had some pizza there too! Unfortunately it was the end of the month so I didn't have any money to spend so all I got to do was gaze longingly at all the foods that I haven't eaten in a long time.

  We also had our interviews with President and Sister Blickenstaff this week. It was a wonderful interview and I learn a lot on how to better serve the Lord.  President Blickenstaff is really a great guy. He is definitely a great Mission President and you can feel his love for the mission here. The work for this week was a little slow because of all the meetings and interviews that we had, but things are still going well. I want to make these last few weeks count because President pretty much told me that I was leaving Donghai next movecall in 2-3 weeks. So I'd better hurry up and find some more miracles!

  Our 4th of July was pretty nice. We celebrated by going to KFC for lunch haha. We also decided to be patriotic and sing the national anthem to everyone we called that day haha. Whenever we called anyone we would just start out by singing it. We sounded pretty good too. Our investigators loved it, but some of the missionaries that we called several times in the day got a little tired of it haha. Well unfortunately, I don't have any pics to send this week and my time is almost up, but hopefully I'll be getting some pics soon. I love you all very much and I'm glad to hear that everything is going well. By the way, Dad, I liked your epic story of the bike trip! Love you lots.



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