Monday, March 23, 2015

Sweet New Area And Companion!

Hey Everyone,

 Well, it's a beautiful day up in Taichung! My new area is pretty sweet and a lot smaller than my old one. I'm in an area called Donghai which on the border of Taichung so it's not too crowded but there are still a lot of people. It's actually a pretty big factory section so it's pretty smoggy and overcast most of the time. A bright side of the area is the amount of exercise I'm going to get. My whole area is on a constant hill. It just keeps going up and up, so there isn't a flat part in the whole area. I've heard that Elders get stretch marks because of how fast their muscle builds up from being here haha.

Our chapel here is really unique too. It's actually a part of a buisness building. It's on the 17th floor of a pretty tall building. It's super wierd taking the elevator up to go to church. The ward is really great here and are helping the missionaries to find investigators, which is important because the ward is small. Hopefully we'll be able to find some interested people though. My new companion is Elder Ames from Idaho. He's a pretty sweet guy and has been on island for less than a year. Hopefully we can get a lot of stuff done together.

  It was really sad leaving Tainan, my birthplace in Taiwan. It was a really nice place and had a lot of cool members. It's crazy to think that I was there for four months. It flew by pretty fast because it was such a cool spot. I actually didn't get the call that I was officially moving until about 10:30pm the night before I left. Luckily we had recieved the call that Elder Anderson was training and I had a heads up that I would probably be moving. Otherwise, I would've been up all night packing.
  The last week in Tainan we found a lot of wonderful people to teach, so I hope Elder Anderson and his new companion will have lots of people to baptize there. We also went around visiting a lot of people and saying goodbye. X... X... and the Ama were especially sad. Unfortunately, I won't be able to attend their baptism or any of the others in Tainan because I am super far away. I received a lot of nice goodbye presents from people, and we got lots of goodbye dinners too! I should've tricked people earlier that I was leaving so we would've gotten more dinners!
 We didn't really do much on Friday except moving and ever since I've been in Donghai we've been hiting the streets talking with people because we don't really have any investigators. I just need to get good at finding people like Eric. It seems like he is always finding tons of people...even if they do not live in his area.
  So today isn't our pday, it's been postponed again.  However, this time it's because I'm going to the temple! Yeah! I'm stoked to finally be able to go to the Taipei Temple. They only let the upper few zones attend every once in a while and my area happens to be in there! So on Wednesday we are going to wake up at 5am and drive up to Taipei. I'm pretty excited. After we get back from the temple I should probably have another hour to email too so feel free to send more emails if you would like "wink wink".
  Well that's everything to report this week I think. I will try to get some pics of my new area to send soon. Well, I hope everyone has a great week! Love you lots!
ps the name wen zhong jie is my full name. A traditional chinese name has three characters, and they consider the first character to be their "xing" or their last name. My xing is wen, and my first name is "zhong jie"
Elder Anderson, Ama, X...X..., Elder Stevens, Tainan, Taiwan

Taichung, Taiwan 

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