Monday, September 1, 2014

Week Six!!

  Hey everyone, I hope that everyone has had a great week. It sounds like things are picking back up with school and sports. I'm glad that everyone likes their teachers. I'm sorry to hear that Alexa didn't get the same chemistry teacher as me cuz she was really good. Good luck Alexa. I know that you're a hard worker and do well in school so if you just continue to work hard I know that you'll be able to make it through.
   I'm happy to hear that Ian scored the season's first goal to win the first soccer game. I wish I could have gone to watch you play. i always enjoyed watching you play and playing with you as well. We've had a lot a good soccer game here and in our last game I scored a pretty sweet side bicycle kick! It looked like something out of FIFA lol. You would've been proud of me Ian haha. We've played a lot of good bball here as well so that's always an enjoyable part of the day. I haven't done a whole lot of weight lifting for which I'm a little disappointed, but once I get out to the field, I probably wont be able to play a lot of soccer or bball so I'm playing as much as I can here. 
   I did get all three packages this week. The one from Dad and Mom, Gpa and Gma Stevens, and Gma Kaldahl. Thanks so much for all of them. The food all still tastes good and I send the compliments of my district to all of you. 
  I'm sorry to hear that Alexa isn't feeling very well. You might have had something similar to me cuz I had a bad cough that wouldn't go away for a looong time. I know it's very distracting from your school and sports and everything so I hope you get better soon. Yesterday my eyes finally felt better and I was able to comfortably wear contacts for the first time in like 3 or 4 weeks since getting pink eye. I hope that you get better a lot more quickly than that!
  I'm glad to hear that Dallin made it safely to Argentina. He told me what his email was but I forgot it. Can you tell me what it is?
  I still haven't received my visa yet and we won't until like a day or so before we leave for the field. It may not even come then. The group before us hasn't received their visas yet so they have to stay here an extra week at least. I hope that our visas come in on time but you never know. I still haven't done anything with my immunization sheet yet. They haven't even asked for it. The other shots that I could get are optional. Do you think that I should get them or do you think I'll be fine without them? I don't really care either way, but it would save a lot of money not to get them. 
  I'm excited to talk to everyone too when I leave for Taiwan. I still remember talking with Eric before he left for Japan. Now I'm going to be on the other side of the conversation so that will be a little weird. I wonder if I'll be able to call Eric too. Since he's a zone leader, he probably has a phone that I could call but idk if they'll let me do that. What do you think? 
  I'm sorry that all of my emails are so boring as of yet but there really hasn't been anything exciting that has gone on here so far except for all the studying. We haven't even had a general authority come speak with us yet and one hasn't come to the mtc in like at least 3 months or so. Hopefully we'll get one soon cuz Eric had two Apostles come speak during his stay and I haven't had any! We'll having our first Skype lesson tonight with someone from Taiwan! I'm actually a little nervous because I don't think they'll speak any English and we have to teach them for a solid 40 minutes! I guess it's good practice to speak with native speakers but I can hardly understand when my teacher talks to me in Chinese, so it's going to be extra hard talking with natives who'll probably have an accent. I better get used to it though cuz that's what it'll be like for the next 2 years. 
  Well that's pretty much everything i have. I'll try to take some pictures today so I can send them sometime later on in the day. I love you all. 

The Two Center Elders Are Going To Canada

I Struck It Rich This Week!  Thanks Family 

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