Monday, September 15, 2014

Visa Still In Limbo...Where Will I Go?

  How is everyone doing back home? It sounds like everyone is keeping busy. Good work Ian on improving your race time and for scoring another goal. This season is starting out very well for you and for your team. And you got a hunting license too, that's pretty cool. Maybe you'll be even better than me at shooting when I get back. Actually that probably won't be too hard cuz I wasn't all that good. I never would've thought that everyone would've obtained a hunting license haha. All of Alexa's suitors are going to have to be careful because everyone in the family can handle a gun. I hope that Dad has been polishing up his guns in front of all of them.
  Keep up the good work in school Ian and nice job on earning your life scout award. I remember when I had mine and it was easy to just sit back and not worry about getting the Eagle right away but just push through and get it before I come back.  Another elder in my district plays the cello and he is going to perform some time this week. When he was practicing his song, I got to play the cello for a bit. Too bad I couldn't remember many of the songs that I played but it was still cool to play for a bit. Keep up with cross country.  
  Only one week left at the MTC! But who's counting right? lol. I am really excited to go out to the field next week but I'm also a little nervous. I'm almost 100% sure that we are going to be temporarily assigned for a transfer or two.  We will receive our new calls probably thurs. or fri. of this week. It's kind of cool that we get a whole new mission call. Hopefully I'll be called somewhere warm because if I get sent somewhere any colder than it is now, I won't have any warm clothes to wear.  I packed for 90 degree weather year round, not for snow. One of the elders in my district got an email from a mission president from Pittsburgh so I'm assuming that's where he's probably going to go. 
  We have our third skype lesson tonight. I always dread them until I'm actually talking to the person and then I love them. So I'm not looking forward to it right now, but I'm not too worried. The previous two have gone really well. Our last guy we talked to was a 20 year old in the taichung area who is a recent convert to the church. He is learning a little English and his english was prob. about as good as our Chinese, so we had some good conversation. He was really cool so hopefully I'll meet him.     
  That's cool that Brealyn is going to Brazil too. They'll all be able to speak to each other when they come back. Hopefully she won't have any visa troubles. I prob. shouldn't be complaining about my problems cuz taiwan has never really had visa problems before and they should hopefully clear up soon.

  I'm excited to be able to call everyone soon! I'm pretty sure I'll be able to call you the day I leave but as of yet I don't know when that will be. It might be before next monday or a week or two afterwards...who knows. Hopefully I'll be able to set up a time with you for when to call. I still remember when Eric called us when he was about ready to leave for Japan. I doesn't seem like nearly that long ago. Well unfortunately a general authority didn't speak last tuesday. Literally everyone in the MTC thought that we'd have one so they were lining up several hours early to get in, and I was so pumped to be up on the stand but it wasn't meant to be. I'm pretty sure that one is coming this Tuesday because they're broadcasting this devotional to all the MTCs throughout the world so that's a pretty good sign. Who knows though cuz I was wrong last time haha. Well, I'd better go now. I'll try to take some more pictures today to email later on. Have a great week everyone! Love you lots.       

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