Monday, April 18, 2016

Miracle Part 2...

Hello Everyone!!! 

  First off I'd just like to say that H... from Xihu got baptized two days ago and in the picture that they took, he looks the happiest that I've ever seen him!! He really did not have a happy life and didn't care about anything. Elder Osborne (my MTC companion who is in Xihu right now) said that he had a little analogy that he told during his baptismal interview. He said he always was carrying around a heavy rock, and when he started learning the gospel the rock broke and every time he learned a new principle a piece was taken away. I'm so happy that he was able to feel of the joy that the gospel of Jesus Christ can bring into his life!! Way to go H...!!

  This week was also full of other miracles! My companion Elder Steele and I love to find people to talk to and sometimes we ask them to help us do a survey. Usually we will go to people who are sitting at 7-11s and Family Marts (the best convenient stores in Taiwan) and then talk with them. So this week we went to a 7-11 and there were lots of people there and we didn't know who to talk to. There were two guys we wanted to talk to but one was outside and one was inside. We had to choose one so Elder Steele and I flipped a coin and it landed on heads so we went inside and talked to that guy. He saw us and instantly told us to sit down and talk with him. He is Christian but is still searching for the right church for him. He says everyone's thoughts are all different and he has no idea how to find which views are correct. We talked with him some and then he agreed and came to church on Sunday. He seemed to enjoy it and we will keep meeting with him! When in doubt...I guess flipping a coin does really work haha.

  On a sadder note, yes we were informed of the death of Elder Hampton this week. He had just come to Taiwan 2 months ago so I never had the opportunity to meet him, but from the pictures I can tell that he was a excellent missionary! We were all very sad to hear that he died on the way to the hospital after the car accident. Please remember to keep his friends and family in your prayers. Also remember to pray for his companion Elder Quist. He must be feeling devastated as well. I know that God has His hand in everything. Even though we don't understand the reasons why bad things happen. We just need to have faith in God's plan and to trust Him.

  Our zone as a whole is doing well. We are all working hard and have great missionaries here. I'm lucky to be serving in such a great place! It's getting a little hotter and it's been raining recently, but it's not too bad. I love you lots! Have a great week!

Elder Stevens

ps. I have to go, but my favorite talks were about the greatest follower, and about our identity as children of God. There were others too but I have to go, sorry.

Great Miracle!

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