Monday, October 19, 2015

Super Week...

Hello everyone! 

This is Elder Stevens from the nice tropics of GaoXiong, Taiwan. I'm sorry to hear that everyone is super cold back in the Eastern States, but if you are ever cold, just try to think of the nice beach temperatures that I'm enjoying basically every single day over here! :) I have noticed that it's starting to get a little colder in the day, but that's a relief because we don't sweat as much anymore haha.

This week has been pretty much the usual. We had fun with some tracting and lots of contacting haha. We also met with one of our English Class students. (English class is the best! Recently, all of our solid investigators are from English Class!!) and he's pretty cool. His name is K.... We called him up one night and tried to set up a time to meet, but he said he was too busy for the next few days, but that he could come to church. Then one night he just randomly showed up at the church while we were making some calls, and we just taught him a lesson. It was really hard to stay on topic of what we wanted to share because he has so many questions! He really likes coming to church and really wants to come closer to God because he's had many experiences that give him a feeling that there is something more out there than what science proves at the moment. Which is really cool because he's a chemical engineer and all about science. He also said we could come to his house the next day and teach him again. We biked about 40 minutes to his house and barely found it in the dark haha. In his house he said he had a "secret base" and at first I was a little nervous about what that meant, but we just follow him out back to a really nice little garden and pond that he had created in his backyard. He lives in a really sketchy area next to a factory so it's not really a pretty location. But the place he made had ferns growing up the sides of the walls next to him so you couldn't tell it was a building and he had fancy lights and stuff. It was as if we were out in the middle of the forest. It was super cool. We talked back there and shared more about the Book of Mormon. it was a super cool place to teach a lesson.

On sunday, both K... and another one of our friends from English class, A..., came to church. I think they both had a good time. They both have lots to learn and some changes to be made, but they are both awesome and I hope that they can continue to progress.

One of my good friends Elder Rock (from back in Tainan) is in the same zone as me now, so in a few minutes we are going to go visit some fun places in Gaoxiong. It's super cool to see him again. 
Well I love all of you!! I hope you have a great week!

Elder Stevens

 p.s. I just got a virus on my sd card so all my pictures are I will not be sending any this week lol. Hopefully you have all the pics that I sent before saved Dad ;)

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