Monday, February 23, 2015

Happy Year Of The Sheep!

Hey Everybody,
First of all I want to start out by wishing Alexa a very Happy Birthday!! You're already 16!! That's too old! It seems unreal that you're old enough to drive on your own! Make sure you don't wreck the car! Hey how is everyone doing back home? I'm sorry to hear about all the cold weather you've been having. It get's a little miserable after a while. But it's always nice to get a break from school! You only had one day of school last week!? That's crazy. That's a pretty good week though. Those weeks are the best.
So ya, the new missionaries should be able to come to Taiwan this coming week. It's about time! They've been waiting in the US for about 4 months or so and are probably so excited to finally make it here. I hope that means that the visa problem will be resolved permenately. It's really going to mess up the swing of things in the mission here later on.
Well this past week was Chinese New Year! What that meant for us, was a lot of food! Even more than usual haha. We went over to someone's house at least 2 times a day for lots of good food. I know Dad you said when you lived in Taiwan they had lots of celebrations around New Years, but unfortunately they don't do that anymore. It kind of slowly died out and now only in certain rural areas do they put on big parades and celebrations like that. It's too bad. I was really looking forward to seeing a cool Chinese celebration, but all they do during New Year is visit family and eat. Pretty much everyone gets work off for the whole week and everyone is visiting their family. The streets were all pretty much deserted and all the shops closed down. It looked like a ghost town! Unfortunately, since everyone was visiting family, no one really wanted to meet with us so we could teach. We mainly spent our time eating, and out biking around finding people to talk to. I got to try my first taste of cow stomach this past week. It actually wasn't too bad. It had some good seasoning so it tasted fine. As for the rest of the foods, I don't really know what I ate. Most of it was all mixed with other stuff and impossible to tell the original form. I could've been eating anything! haha.
F... passed his baptismal interview yesterday so he's all set to be baptized this coming week! He has really changed a lot over the course of time here, and I'm really happy for him.
Well, I was looking forward to a nice pday today so I could relax and go do cool stuff, but apparently this pday we are supposed to spend all of our time cleaning our apartment! Nooo! What a waste of a pday! And we have the biggest apartment in the mission with just Elder Smith and I to clean it. I'm not really looking forward to later on today....
That's pretty much everything going on here. Things are going well and I'm still healthy. I hope everyone has a great week! Sure love you all!

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