Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas Celebrations...

  Ni Hao,

  This past week we have really been preparing for S... baptism this Saturday. He is so excited and has been looking forward to this day for a very long time. We've also been meeting with his two daughters a few times and I hope we can continue to meet with them. They're really nice too. I hope that they and his wife will be able to attend his baptism and that his wife can have a change of heart.  S... really wants to be baptized, so he's not going to let anything stop him this time. It's funny, whenever he hears something he likes in church, or in any film we show him, he'll make some sort of hmmm and get really into it!

   We had a fun Christmas party for our English class last week. It was pretty well attended and we had a bunch of fun games and activities. We had snowflake making, pin the carrot on the snowman, a snowball fight (dodgeball), musical chairs, lots of goodies, and pictures with Santa! Elder Page dressed up as Santa and all the kids loved taking pictures with him haha. A lot of the people didn't want to play the games. They just wanted to sit in their chairs and play on their iPhones! What's the world coming too!
   We also got together as a zone to sing Christmas songs by the Tainan train station. It turned out to be a very interesting night. We picked the coldest and windiest day so far this year! No one wanted to stay and listen to us because the weather was so bad. Also the wind would blow away all of our music, and even the chairs that we had set up for people to sit on. We set up to sing next to a giant Christmas tree outside a mall. When we were singing the tree automatically turned on and started blasting this really shrill Christmas music. It was totally drowning out our singing! Eventually this one member got fed up with it and climbed into the tree and unplugged it haha. It was a fun night.
   The stake put on a big Christmas pageant a few days ago and we all gathered together up in Yongkang to watch it. We listened to the Christmas story with narration and singing except this time, as you would imagine, it was in Chinese so it sounded really cool! The singing was...interesting, to say the least, but we all had fun.
   I don't know what my favorite food would be, most of what I try is really good. I generally like to get fried rice here. It's really good and they have a bunch of different ways to prepare it. They also have cool bread shops here with a ton of fancy breads. They aren't as thick as the bread in the U.S. They're more like artisan breads. We eat a lot of stuff for breakfast. Elder Brady bought me some pancake mix from Costco before he left, so we've been eating that lately. We also have juabing which is basically like a crepe with onion and spices, and an egg in the middle. It's pretty good.  We also eat oatmeal which tastes really different here, but it's really cheap so we eat that a lot.

   Well that's all I've got for this week. I'm excited to talk with you all this week though! I think I'll probably just call you at 10:30 or so on the iPad so I can talk with both of you. Hopefully we'll all have good connection or Eric and I will have a tough time talking! Also, I'm sending a Christmas package home today so it'll come sometime soon....I hope. I love you all! See you soon!

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